Reducing toxins

I recently participated in Angela Counsel’s7-day hormone reset” challenge. I had done a similar reset at the beginning of the year based on Sara Gottfried’s book “The Hormone Reset Diet but was feeling like I needed another “reset” which is why I signed up.

Part of the fun was a bingo challenge. You had to mark off all the squares on the bingo board during the week to be entered into the draw to win a spot on her EMBRACE course. It included 12 weeks of zoom calls, access to PH360 which is an online personalized health platform plus a gift package that is posted to you. Long story short, I won the prize!! Funnily I had actually written a card to myself congratulating me on winning the prize and had it in front of me for the whole week. I am part of Sarah Centrella’s monthly coaching circle (based on her books, “Hustle Believe Receive” and “Futureboards” which is all about manifesting the life of your dreams) and I have also completed her "Futureboards" course, so I thought to myself, let’s give it a try. I will manifest myself winning the prize! And then I did! I couldn’t believe it. So cool. My daughter was sitting next to me while I was watching the live call where Angela pulled out a name and I said to her, “Watch this, I am going to win!”. When she called my name...Sophie was like, “Mum, you manifested it!!”. So sweet.

Three of the squares on the bingo board required you to post on Instagram some different changes you are going to make. One was about toxins. I had been wanting to try out a natural deodorant for some time so I made that the change I wanted to make.

Some months ago I had ordered pitty party from Sarah’s Day but with all of the issues with shipping at the moment, it just didn’t arrive. Credit to them, they actually refunded me the money which was fantastic. After doing the 7-day challenge I started doing some research to find out what natural deodorants I could find here in Hong Kong. I came across an article in Sassy Mama reviewing 10 different natural deodorants and discovered that one was available from Slowood which we have here in Discovery Bay. It is a New Zealand brand called “The Herb Farm”. I popped down to Slowood and they had it in stock. It isn’t cheap. $150 HK for 50ml. I purchased the ylang-ylang orange scent. It is a deodorant cream. You use about a pea-sized amount and rub it under your arm. I really like the scent and so far, it has been fantastic!

Admittedly, it isn’t the height of summer, but I do know that if I don’t wear any deodorant I definitely smell...even in winter, so for me, it is working. I think it will last for quite a long time, so once I know that I will get a better idea of the “value for money” compared to my usual Rexona roll-on deodorant. But for now, I feel good about reducing at least one toxin in my life!