One of the most photographed spots in Hong Kong - Tai Lam Reservoir

In our continued effort to explore more of Hong Kong, we decided to check out what is dubbed, “Thousand Island Lake” but is actually a part of the Tai Lam Chung Reservoir.

Tai Lam Chung reservoir is located in Tai Lam Country Park, Tsuen Mun District, New Territories and was the first reservoir built after the second world war.

There are a number of trails around the reservoir and a variety of viewing points, but we decided to head to the most famous one, (and the most Instagrammable!) the “Reservoir Islands Viewpoint”.

As we have our own car, we drove from Sunny Bay and managed to get a park at the section where the MacLehose Trail section 10 begins. Be warned, it is quite a rough and stony area and with a low profile car like ours, it was a little risky. On the drive in we did see many hikers walking along the road from Tin Hau Temple (a common starting point) so this is definitely an option if you don’t have your own car.

The highlight of the drive to the car park was seeing the group of goats along the roadside. (fun fact, a group of goats is called a “trip”) This is not a common sight in Hong Kong, so it was kinda fun!

The hike from the car park up to the main viewing point took about 35-40 minutes. There are a couple of other viewing points on the way and most of the path is paved and it is a steady incline most of the way. I think the thing that shocked us the most was the number of people on the trail. We went on a Monday (not a public holiday) and it was very busy. We passed many groups of hikers, so I wouldn’t say it was “serene” but it was worth it.

There is a fun photo opportunity with the “Reservoir Islands Viewpoint” sign, just before you complete the last little incline up to the viewing point, but the line was way too long on the day we went!

The view from the top was beautiful. Hard to believe you were in Hong Kong, to be honest. It was a little misty the day we went, so I can imagine on a stunningly clear day it would be breathtaking. We managed to snap a few photos and also had a lovely couple offer to take a photo of us. Looking back we realised how funny our t-shirts were with me wearing my “Australia” t-shirt and Rick wearing his “Not Australian” t-shirt!