My 21 for 2021 list

Anyone who knows me well, knows I love a good podcast! I have a tendency to chop and change the podcasts that I listen to, but the “Happier” podcast hosted by Gretchen Rubin and her Hollywood TV writer sister, Liz Craft, is one that I always listen to, and have done since they started their weekly episodes over 300 episodes ago!

Back in 2018, they started something called “18 for 2018”. It was a list of 18 things that you would like to achieve/complete/do in 2018. They encouraged you to pick some fun and whimsical items, at least one item that was super easy to cross off your list (set you up for success!) and then maybe some loftier goals that you had for the year. I loved this idea as it seemed less “heavy” than writing New Year's Resolutions and was something I could have up for the year and cross them off as I achieved or finished them. And as I am an “obliger” I know that accountability is key for me. So I chatted with four of my close girlfriends and we all came up with our lists and shared them with each other.

Fast forward to 2021 and I am still loving this idea! Gretchen and Liz did a podcast episode recently where they looked at their 2020 lists and talked about how they did and then in episode 307 they revealed their 21 for 2021 lists! I love listening and reading about other people’s lists as it gives me ideas on the type of things I could put on my new list.

This year I did a brainstorm of some potential items I could put on my list and I also used the categories from my Futureboard as a framework to create my list for this year. The 5 categories are:

1. Wealth and Abundance

2. Career and Ambitions

3. Passions and Joy

4. Mind and Body

5. Relationships

Last year I had a LOT of travel-related things on my list, which for obvious reasons, didn’t happen. I am including a couple this year as I am an optimist and hope that at least sometime this year we will get to travel again! This obviously varies greatly, depending on where you live as I know many people could still include travel-related items for their lists.


  • I find it is easier to include things that you can actually tick off. I had a couple of vague goals like “Restart my yoga practice” last year. But what does that actually mean? I did go to a few yoga classes but I don’t think I “restarted” it. So maybe it would be better to write something like, “Attend one live yoga class a month” or “Spend 5 minutes each morning doing a yoga flow routine”.

  • Gretchen also suggests it is a good idea to have something on your list that is super easy to cross off straight away. Success begets success!!

  • Have some accountability. Share your list on social media or with a group of girlfriends. You could check in once a month to see how you are all doing! Last year one of my close friends used my list to purchase part of my 50th birthday gift. She saw that I had “Learn how to do my eye makeup” on my list and bought me a makeup masterclass voucher from a local makeup artist! It was so fun and I have definitely improved my eye makeup.

  • Have it up and visible. I have mine stuck up on the wall next to my desk so that I can just check in with the list and see how I am doing.

I would love to hear if you have made a list similar to this. If so, please make sure to let me know! If you are an obliger like me, we can keep each other accountable!