Is it a vision board? is a "Futureboard!"

I first discovered the term “Futureboard” while listening to the “Sheri and Nancy show” podcast. They interviewed Sarah Centrella, author of the book, “Futureboards-learn how to create a vision board to get exactly the life you want” and after hearing that interview I went ahead and ordered the book and started created my first Futureboard.

I know that many of you would have heard of the concept of a vision board. A Futureboard is different. Yes, it is still based on the concept of ‘pictures on a board’ but the type of pictures you use are where the difference lies. Sarah talks about experiences. Imagining yourself in the picture. So if you dream of travelling to Paris and getting that perfect snap under the Eiffel Tower with your partner, then instead of just having a picture of the Eiffel Tower on your board, you would have a picture of a couple standing under the Eiffel Tower. Basically, you have to use a picture that you could actually take if you were living the moment in time! Enough of me trying to explain it, just pop onto Sarah’s website and she can teach you all about it! (Use the affiliate link)

One of the things that makes Sarah’s Futureboards unique is the fact that she uses Pinterest as a way to collect/curate all of your images before you make your physical board. She has 5 main categories that you create as boards on Pinterest.

  1. Wealth and Abundance

  2. Career and Ambitions

  3. Passions and Joy

  4. Mind and Body

  5. Relationships

Inside those main boards, you can also create sub-categories to help organize your pins/pictures. I love how it makes you really think about all areas of your life. I know for me, (and for many people) the Passions and Joy board can be a challenge. In the business of life, parenting, work etc we can forget what are our passions and what brings us joy!

I have to say that scrolling through Pinterest, finding pictures that represent my dream life is so much fun! In fact, if you are feeling a bit down or stressed, this can be a great mood booster! And dream big! Sarah says that most people don’t dream big enough. She says that usually, our first board generally continuous imagines what you “think” you might be able to achieve. But as you get better at it, you dream bigger and bigger!

As I created my 3rd board I really worked at finding the ‘right’ pictures. For example, I really want to take Sarah to the incredible Anantara jungle bubbles in Chiang Mai. What a memorable mother/daughter trip that is going to be! But one of the girls in my coaching circle pointed out that the photo I had on my board was only of a girl with an elephant. Not a mother and daughter. So I did some more hunting and found a picture that better represented an ‘actual’ photo that we could take while we are on that holiday!

After you have spent time on Pinterest creating your boards, it is then time to curate the pictures that you will print and create your physical Futureboard. As a general rule of thumb, you select about 5-8 pictures from each category and print them. Sarah suggests that you put 2-3 pictures on an A4 word document (just to give you an idea of the size) and press print. I know some of the ladies in my coaching circle print their photos at the store but I just did mine at home on my printer. The quality isn’t fantastic as many of the Pinterest images are quite low resolution. But I am not overly concerned with that and just get on and print my pictures, cut them out and pop them on my board. You can also use Canva to easily arrange your photos in a grid and print that way too. Super easy! (here is a quick screen-recording of how I recently did this!)

Don’t get too worried if you don’t have a dedicated board to mount your pictures. There are many alternatives.

  • cork board,

  • an unused picture frame,

  • A piece of heavy-duty cardboard

  • Foam board (that is what I used as I had some leftover from one of the kid’s school projects!)

  • Blu tac to a mirrored wardrobe door

  • Print images, cut and just blutac straight to the wall (if your wall paint allows!)

A couple of quick points-Sarah doesn’t suggest that you use any words or quotes on your board or put pictures of money on your board. If you are wanting to put on an item that you would like to purchase, like a beautiful handbag or pair of shoes, then make sure you find a photo of someone wearing those shoes or holding that handbag!

SIDE NOTE: Since writing this post (and not posting it!) I have recently updated my board as part of Sarah's "Transformation Bootcamp". This is my latest board. I have also created a separate travel and career board as there is so much I want to do!