Drowning in photos?

We all know that feeling. You want to start a photo project. You have all of these amazing photos from your trip to Paris (pre-pandemic!) and want to create a photo book to showcase them! Or your child/grandchild is turning 18 and you would love to curate your most favourite personality photos to make a photo book for them. But when you open up your photo app, overwhelm sets in. And then that negative self-talk starts to set it. “Oh, this is too hard”, “I can’t do this”, “it’s going to take me forever to do this”...and then you stop.

Put your hand up if this has been you. (hand goes up!) When I made the switch from physical scrapbooking to app-scrapping (creating pages on my phone or iPad) there was a gap of several years where I didn’t do anything with my photos. I don’t remember making the conscious decision to stop. I just found that life was busy and the thought of getting out all of my “scrapbooking stuff” was just enough of a barrier to stop me from doing it. I am sure you can all relate. And now knowing all that I know about forming habits, I probably needed to create a space in our apartment where I could leave out a project I was working on. The step of getting out my supplies, deciding what page to work on, find the photos and then start, was just too much. I think that is why when the Project Life app came out, I jumped on it. Suddenly that step of getting out my supplies etc was gone. I just could get out my phone or my iPad and start scrapbooking.

But Merridy, I hear you say, that isn’t my problem. I just can’t decide where to start. Which photo, which kid, which sporting event, which sport, which year??? The list goes on and on. I know you can relate. One of the things I said to a friend recently was, just start where you are. Start from today. Look back in your camera roll and when you come to a photo or a group of photos that give you a spark or evoke a feeling or memory, start there.

If you do have an idea of your photo project, I find that giving yourself some parameters helps. Here are a few that I used for recent photo projects:

  1. My daughter's 21st birthday: I decided to choose ONE photo for each year of her life. They weren’t always the best or most beautiful photos, but they were ones that illustrated her personality growing up. Restricting myself to 21 photos just made the job SO much easier.

  2. My son’s senior year (graduation) book:I created a set of 25 prompts that gave me ideas and structure of the kind of photos I wanted to use

  3. A memory book for our family dog: I knew I wanted to keep this one really simple. Just photos, interspersed with a couple of Project Life memory pages and quotes.

So if this is you, and you want some help I have a couple of ideas.

❤️ You can take advantage of my free 30-minute call where we can talk about “all things photos!” Just you and me. Click the link to book a slot.

❤️ Join my upcoming Zoom session where I will show you the kinds of photo projects that you can create with all of those photos that are sitting in your camera roll.

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