Documenting 2021

I don’t usually come up with a ‘documenting plan’ for the year, but I have read enough books and listened to enough podcasts to know that having an intentional plan is not a bad thing!

Family yearbook

I love this project and will create our 2021 family yearbook in the Project Life app. Over the past few years, I have created weekly pages but I have decided to change things up for this year and do monthly pages. I imagine that I will create a similar number of pages as last year (last year's book was 100 pages!) but it is nice to change things up a little and takes the pressure off to be creating pages each week.

1SE app

Last year was the first year I used the 1SE video app. I did write a complete blog post about the app and how I used it in 2020 so check that out if you are interested in learning more! I loved the addition of a video element to my documenting and will continue this in 2021. I am also wanting to add more QR codes to my Project Life pages as a way of using the videos that I take throughout the year.

Graduation book for Riley

Riley will graduate high school this year and one of the things I am in the process of creating a photo book for him. I made a similar one for Sarah (see video below) and it was such a fun and beautiful keepsake of a very special year in her life. Of course, things are definitely different for Riley. He’s barely been at school so it’s more of a challenge for my documenting, but I will just need to get creative! So far I have made about 12 pages and I am planning to have at least 25 so I better keep moving on that one!

Twins pregnancy

I have so many fabulous photos of my pregnancy with Sophie and Tom and I have just not documented that time in my life. I guess it is something to do with what happened with the birth and also at the time, I wasn’t really doing much scrapbooking. I went through a period of quite a few years where I either didn’t scrapbook and another period where I made a conscious decision to scrapbook “moments’ rather than event-based pages like birthdays or a pregnancy. I am taking part in Stacy Julian’s “Photo Freedom” course this year and this is one of the projects that I have highlighted and plan to work on. I would also love to work on a birth album/pages for Tom.

(this gem is me at 36 weeks with the twins)