Creating a dream life

We are all familiar with the term “bucket list”, but Sarah Centrella, author of “Hustle, Believe, Receive” and “Futureboards” has a different take on this. She calls it her ‘ultimate live list’. A series of once in a lifetime moments/experiences.

I am so lucky to be part of Sarah’s last transformation bootcamp and our first piece of homework is to create our live list. 25 "once in a lifetime" experiences. Not things, but experiences. This idea isn’t new to me as I have created a couple of different Futureboards and also an ultimate live list before, but Sarah is encouraging us to dream REALLY big. I mean so big that you are adding things onto your live list that you really don’t think are possible.

For most people, many of the items on their live list are travel related. I am no different. But with an airline pilot husband, I am pretty lucky and have had some very cool and unique travel opportunities in my lifetime. So stretching myself is actually quite hard. It is also a challenge because I am a “thinker”, not a “dreamer” so I really do have to work hard on dreaming really big and not getting caught up in the “how could I really do this anyway?” way of thinking.

Here is a list of what I have on here so far. I would love to know what things are on your ‘live list’.

  1. Meet Oprah at one of her live shows

  2. Take a Windstar cruise amongst the glaciers in Alaska

  3. Be interviewed by Cathy Heller on her podcast

  4. Sip champagne and enjoy a delicious long lunch in the Amalfi Coast with a group of close friends.

  5. Travel the Orient Express with Rick

  6. Travel Switzerland on the Glacier Express with Sophie.

  7. Take a Windstar cruise of the Greek Islands and Croatia

  8. Girls trip to a villa in Italy-spend the week eating delicious food, reading, lazing by the pool, seeing the sights.

  9. Hot air balloon ride while on safari in Botswana

  10. Ride a huskie sleigh in Finland with the family

  11. Stay in the ice igloos in Finland to see the Northern lights

  12. Take Riley to a Lakers NBA game and meet LeBron James

  13. Have a personal stylist on hand whenever I need her.

  14. Enjoy a cold glass of savvy on the verandah of our beachfront home on Sunshine Beach, QLD.

  15. Give Soph the opportunity to study abroad at SCAD or CAL ARTS

  16. Have Rick fly me to the Australian Open tennis in a private jet.

  17. Be a guest at Martha Beck’s private coaching camp in South Africa

  18. Charter a private yacht and sail the Mediterranean with my girlfriends

  19. Snorkel with turtles in Hawaii

  20. Spend a white Christmas in Germany and wander through the famous Christmas markets

  21. Take my friends on a wine tasting tour in the French countryside

  22. Stay in a treehouse

  23. Have a private cooking experience with Tom and his favourite chef Gordon Ramsay

  24. A family holiday in Hawaii which is fully accessible for Tom.

  25. Stay at the Treehotel in Sweden.

  26. Sail in a private yacht through the British Virgin Islands

  27. Camp at Nacpan beach in El Nido, Palawan with the family

  28. Stay in a castle in Scotland

  29. Stay in the elephant bubbles in Thailand with Sarah.