A snapshot: creating scrapbook pages that capture a "moment in time".

If you ask my kids what their favourite kind of scrapbook page is, it is usually a page where they have answered questions about themselves at a particular moment in time. Not journaling type questions or reflection questions, just simple questions about their favourite food, what they eat for breakfast, who are their favourite people to hang out with. Things like that!

I find that the perfect time for me to do this is either at a birthday or at the beginning of the school year. It just makes sense to me! I don’t follow the same list of questions each year and of course, it varies depending on the age of your kids. It could also be a fun thing to do with your partner!

This year I just did some searching on Pinterest and found a few different ideas and then came up with 13 questions to ask Sophie and Tom on their 16th birthday. I created a google doc, typed up the questions and then just typed in their answers as I asked them!

I do have a small confession. In the past, I haven’t always done this with Tom. I am not sure why, to be honest. He has had a communication device for many years so he certainly was capable of sharing his thoughts with me. But no point living in the past and beating myself up about that. So this year I asked Tom the same questions that I asked Sophie. And I am SO happy I did. I just LOVE the answers he came up with. They just show his personality and his quirky sense of humour! I hope you enjoy reading them too.

If you are interested in doing this with your family, I have included a few different ideas depending on the age and sex of your child. (side note, I got totally sidetracked from writing this as I scrolled through the kids’ scrapbooks and ooh and ahhed while taking a trip down memory lane!)

I also share lots of other ideas and pages over on my Facebook group, "Memory Keeping with Merridy" so I would love to see you over there. Come on and join us!

PS At the time of publishing this post, Sarah is about to turn 21. A real milestone birthday. I have a link to a google doc with the questions I sent to her the day before her birthday just to show you that it can be that easy!!

PPS So I obviously did NOT publish this post when I wrote it, (back in July) so I figured...better late than never!