A Personal Timeline

One of the things I did in preparation for Sarah heading to university was to create a personal timeline. Actually...I made one for all of my children after hearing the idea on one of my favourite podcasts, "Happier: with Gretchen Rubin" (click the link to listen to the episode).

I remember when Sarah headed into her final two years of the IB Diploma, one of the things they asked us to do as parents, was fill out a brag sheet about our child. We had to fill out a questionnaire and basically “brag” about them! If I had done her personal timeline…it would have been so much easier. We always think we are going to remember everything our children have done or achieved, but in my experience, that isn’t the case!

It is also really helpful when your children do work experience (at our school they do this in Year 11) or if they apply for a job and need to write a CV.

I created it in google sheets and then just shared it with each individual child so they can keep it updated. The headings I included were:

  • Birth information-location of birth/blood type/weight/height

  • Parent Information-full names of parents/country of birth

  • School-what schools they attended

  • Music-instruments played/exams/choir/orchestra

  • Sport-all sporting achievements/any clubs they have been a part of/awards

  • Work-part time employment/internships/work experience

  • Home addresses-living in Hong Kong has meant we have moved many times. And I know that sometimes you have to list your last 5 addresses on a form so I thought this could be useful

  • Dance-I included dance exam results for both my girls

  • Trips-at our children’s school they can opt for an overseas service trip in Y10/11 and 12 so this could be good to document, also include any key family holidays

  • Medical-this could include any significant illnesses or injuries or other key health information

Fortunately, I have a physical folder that I called their “Achievement Folder” which is where I would put any certificates, exam results or even emails from school which indicated success in a leadership role or something like that so I could refer back to that when putting together the personal timeline. I also looked at sports trophies or medals that the children had received as that helped jog my memory. Side note: I created 2 separate folders, one for primary school and one for secondary school. I do find there is significantly less in their secondary school, but it is easier to have separate folders. Then it is just a matter of sitting down and starting to enter the information.

Click here to download your copy of a personal timeline as shown below!