3 questions to ask yourself before starting a new scrapbooking project.

HOW do I want to document these memories?

Deciding on the ‘how’ is important as then you can decide on the tools you will need to preserve these memories.

  • Will you create a physical scrapbook?

  • A digital scrapbook using your computer?

  • A pocket page using the Project Life app?

  • A photobook with a little bit of text?

  • A video? As you know, I create most of the photobooks using the Project life app, but it isn’t the only form of memory keeping I do.

WHERE do I start?

Whatever feels right.

  • Do you want to do a mini project?

  • Is there a trip you want to document?

  • Do you want to document the everyday moments of life right now?

  • A family history album.

Once you have decided on that, it gets easier just to focus on that one thing. And if you are really still stuck, look at your camera roll and start with the latest photo you took. It is that simple. Start at “right now”. Create a page. That success will motivate you to keep going.

WHY should I do something with my photos?

Thinking about our “why” can be helpful and overwhelming all in the same breath. And it can change. If I think about why I started documenting way back in 2002 and why I still document today, the reasons have definitely changed. I have always enjoyed taking pictures and even in my early 20’s I created regular photo albums and I would spend hours writing a note or two next to each picture so I could remember where we were or what I was doing! Thank you past self!!

Fast forward to 2021 and the thing that drives me today is my Mum. She passed away in 2018 from Alzheimer’s disease. Watching her lose her memory was heartbreaking. But knowing that I had so many of her important stories and memories captured was somewhat comforting.

Don't wait! Start writing down those stories and capturing the moments. No matter how big or how small.