2021 review...how did I get on?

Over the past few years, I have loved taking part in Gretchen Rubin’s alternative to creating New Year's resolutions. I think it started back in 2018 where she and her sister Liz started by creating a list of things they wanted to complete in 2018. They coined it, "18 for 2018." Not all the items were traditional goals or resolutions, they were just things you wanted to get done in the next year. And although I haven’t had massive success in ever completing all the things on my list, I still enjoy the process! This is my review of my 21 for 2021 My word of the year was "Transform".

This year I completed 7 items and 1/2 completed 2 other items of the 21 things on my list. Many of them were travel-related (I was optimistic!) so that automatically eliminated them.

  1. Frugal February: no takeaway coffee/meals or unnecessary purchases- Yes. I gave this one a tick, even though I am pretty sure I still had a few takeaway coffees!

  2. Complete the 30-day burst exercise challenge: Yes, I did this and continued it for most of the year. I did 1-minute plank/tricep dips/pushups each morning. I stopped doing it later in the year and I have to say I was kinda shocked at how much of a difference I noticed by NOT doing it.

  3. House plate for our front door: No. I saw one of these that a friend had and I really loved the idea. I just didn’t get around to doing it.

  4. Go on 5 hikes with Rick: I only did a couple of new ones so this was ½ a point for me on this one.

  5. Family holiday in Australia or Italy: No

  6. Do a virtual walk challenge: No.

  7. Launch a blog and a membership about documenting/memory keeping: Yes. I did launch a blog and although I didn’t launch a membership I did start a Facebook group about memory keeping.

  8. Book a session with a personal stylist-preferably Cate Massi: No. She is based in Brisbane, so this was a no. But I did find a Hong Kong-based stylist and Riley did a session with her. So this could be an option for 2022.

  9. Complete the “Spelling for Life” course from Lyn Stone: Yes. I really loved this course and am happy to be actually using it with a group of Year 6’s at the moment.

  10. Attend a live retreat with Sarah Centrella: No. Not possible with travel restrictions.

  11. Take Riley on a uni tour in Australia: No. Not possible but we did do some virtual ones and he got into his first choice course and uni.

  12. Have a girls trip somewhere: No.

  13. A trip with Rick somewhere new: No.

  14. Visit 5 new locations in the car: ½ a tick for this one. We did visit some new spots but probably not 5. Need to look at a way of recording or tracking these kinds of things for 2022.

  15. Make a will: Still no. This was a carry over from the previous 2 years. Must do this.

  16. Start a Facebook group for CP (cerebral palsy) users of the Tobii 4C eye tracker on PC: No. But I did join a couple of other groups around eye gaze technology.

  17. Fully engage in Stacy Julian’s Photo Freedom course: Yes. I really loved this. I couldn’t say FULLY engage as I certainly didn’t complete all the tasks but I gave it a go. We have access for another year so I want to continue doing this next year.

  18. Create a digital version of our 20 years of Xmas cards and newsletters: No.

  19. Buy a pair of animal print flats: No. But I did contact the place where I purchased my super comfy and cute silver flats. So I have a lead on where to get them from!

  20. Complete Backup Bootcamp from Miss Freddy: Yes.

  21. Print my Futureboard and create a separate career board: Yes.

My word for 2021 was TRANSFORM. I kept the word fairly front and centre for the first 6 months of the year. Although I wouldn’t say I transformed, I definitely made some changes and really felt like I started to put myself out there and share more on Instagram and in my Facebook group. I became more open about talking about my ideas regarding developing a business around my memory keeping. I loved the word and its connection to a butterfly. This is a symbol I see quite a lot when talking about women going through menopause. I am definitely in that phase in my life and feel proud of how I am travelling through that and the mental re-framing I have done around this stage of life. Being a part of Angela Counsel’s Embrace membership has been a key component to this shift.