1SE app - A fun way to document your year!

I first heard about the 1SE app through Miss Freddy’s blog (aka Casey) and loved the idea of taking a one-second video each day that was then mashed together to make an 8 minute (approximately) video to document our family’s everyday life in 2020. So at the beginning of last year, I added “make a 1SE video every day” to my “20 for 2020” list and decided it would be a part of my memory keeping process.


Firstly, this app is very simple to use. Your 1-second video can be taken in the app itself or you can just use a one-second clip of a video you took with your phone camera. When you open the app it gives you 3 options for the type of video you want to make.

  1. Freestyle: great for holidays or specific events

  2. Freestyle collab: perfect if you want to collaborate with a partner or friends so they can add videos

  3. Journal: this is a calendar-based project that allows you to input at least one second of video every day on your calendar, and that can be in the form of a photo or video. This is what I use. You also have the option to add a short caption to each clip if you want to. When you have added a video to a specific day you can see it on the calendar. This makes it really easy to see if you have forgotten any days and you can quickly and easily add in a clip. PLUS, you can add more than one clip to a specific day.


After using the app for a year, these are just a few of my thoughts and tips;

  • Portrait vs Landscape: as you will notice from my finished product from this year, I started filming in portrait and then switched to landscape towards the end of the year after hearing that tip from Miss Freddy. (The end product can only be in either portrait or landscape. Not both.) But there is a new ‘fit to frame’ feature which will change your landscape into portrait and vice versa if you just forget and film in the wrong mode.

  • Turn on “live” photos on your iPhone settings as you can use this as a video if you don’t have a video that day

  • If you really don’t have a video for a particular day, you can still use a still photo, or take a screenshot of the weather or something topical from Instagram.

  • You can create multiple projects within the app. So for example if you wanted to do a family 1SE plus maybe a separate travel one you can do that all within the app.

  • So far I have only used the free version of the app. I know that the paid version does give you the option to have a slightly longer clip if that is something that interests you.

  • I use it on an iPhone, but I am not sure if any of these instructions differ for android.

  • Add the 1SE widget to your home screen in IOS 14. That way you are more likely to remember to add in your video clip each day!


I think the main challenge I faced was remembering to take the video. I knew that this might be the case (particularly because I don’t have young children, so am not necessarily taking multiple videos every day, or am currently not having a huge amount of variety in my days) so in the beginning, I did set up a daily reminder in the native ‘reminders’ app in my iPhone. It wasn’t always useful as I didn’t tend to take a video at the same time every day, but if you set your reminder towards the end of the day then at least you have an opportunity to a film part of your dinner, or your evening routine or something like that!

One unexpected happiness boost from using the 1SE app is that when your days seem all very similar, or you are in lockdown etc. you almost have to look for the good or fun or unique things that happen in your day. And I think that is something that we all could use right now!

And if you are interested, here is our completed video from 2020.