A little about me! 

I am so happy you stopped by! A little bit about me; I am an Australian born ex-pat living in Hong Kong with my Kiwi husband, 4 children and one gorgeous 13-year-old labradoodle. We have been married for over 23 years and have lived in Hong Kong for 22 of them. We love to travel (being married to an airline pilot definitely helps) and spend time with our friends and family.


We are not full empty nesters yet but have had one fly the coop. Our oldest daughter is in her second year of university in Australia and we really miss having her around, but love that she is doing her “thing” and loving life down under.


Our oldest son is 17 and in his final year of high school. He is completing the International Baccalaureate (IB for short) and boy it is a stressful year.


My last 2 children are twins, one girl and one boy. They turn 16 soon (hard to believe) and are in Year 10 and 11, respectively. My youngest son suffered a brain injury at birth and subsequently has a diagnosis of cerebral palsy. He uses a wheelchair and a communication device as he is unable to walk or talk. BUT, he is such a great kid with a killer smile and eyes to die for!! His twin sister is such a hard worker, slight perfectionist, artist, writer and musician. Definitely creative! 


If I asked my close friends to describe me, they would probably say that I am kind, very chatty, always smiling, a documenter and definitely a baby lover. Guess that is why I had 4 of them!!


One of the things that my friends like to tease me with the most is, “It’s going straight to the scrapbook!”. A play on the quote from the classic Australian movie “The Castle”-“It’s going straight to the pool room!” I love taking photos (even though I don’t think I am that good at it!) and telling stories. I create family yearbooks, travel albums and occasionally I like to create projects for friends and family. I used to do this by making physical scrapbooks-but now I am completely digital, which I love.

Oh, and I am also a teacher. I am a primary school trained and have taught many different year groups but particularly love the ages 5-7. That stage where they are learning to read and write-my favourite. 

But once you look around you will see that I love to write about a bunch of different topics. Sometimes it is the latest book I am reading in my book club, our latest travel destination (when we can travel again!) or some of my thoughts and feelings about transitioning into menopause. So whatever your interest I know there will be something here for you! Happy reading.